If you’d like to partner with us and help further our reach and vision please consider donating below. 

About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

All donations received will be used to provide resources and services for supporting foster and adoptive families around the North Texas Area.

One of our big goals is to open a Foster/Adoption Closet in Cooke County to provide for the needs of current and prospective families!

The warehouse will contain various items to meet the specific families needs such as clothes, bed and bedding, age appropriate toys, diapers, hygiene items, school supplies and $25 gift cards that the child can use to purchase something for themselves.

Become a Sponsor!

     Are you interested in becoming a sponsor of CTFOF by donating monthly and helping provide resources and support for foster and adoptive families in North Texas?

    While we truly appreciate every donation that comes in no matter the amount if you sign up as a monthly support sponsor for at least $100 a month or donate at least $1,200 annually we will add your name and company to our Sponsors page!